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Getting Grace Licensing Fees

The Getting Grace Team is happy to meet your needs and work within the budget and scope of your event. While one organization might choose to offer a free event, another may want to sell tickets. Whatever the case, we will find a way to serve you.
As each event is different, and each presenting organization will pick the approach that best suits their community and outreach needs, we have various licensing opportunities available.


Our licensees have successfully presented the film in a many venues including Large Theaters, High School Theaters, Black Box theaters and actual movie theaters.

Single License - One "Theater" Venue

The Single License Fee is 1500.00 USD for FIRST screening in the same Venue (location). Subsequent screenings in the same Venue would be reduced to 1000.00 USD per showing.

Single License - Multiple "Theater" Venues

The Single License Fee is 1500.00 USD for FIRST screening. Subsequent screenings in the multiple venues by the same licensee would be reduced to 1200.00 USD per showing.


FUNERAL HOME/HOME THEATER LICENSE is 1500.00 USD. This ONE YEAR license would allow the presenting Funeral Home to share GETTING GRACE as a smaller community outreach event in their own funeral home or reception hall, up to four times during the course of a full year (365 days from the start of the contract).  NOTE: This License offers a different BRANDING VIDEO component. This package includes 4 separate GETTING GRACE Trailer videos featuring a different date for each event.


your License Fee covers the following...



Access to the film in whichever format the theater requires.

Branding Videos

TWO fully edited commercial quality BRANDING VIDEOS, featuring Daniel Roebuck, specific to the individual event.
Length of videos is generally 30 – 60 s


The videos can be used for social media or as television commercials. 


* Note if you are a Single License -  Multiple Venue partner it would be one overall Branding commercial and one additional commercial for every venue.


Posters and Artwork

You'll receive access to all GETTING GRACE  Poster Art and Production Photo files

Design Help

Our Getting Grace team of designers will happily assist in your event design needs. Be it, a mini poster branded with your Funeral Home, flyers, a STEP & REPEAT for red carpet events, to name a few. Whatever you would like help with, we will help!


Get Your GETTING GRACE License Today!

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