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Hello, and thank you for your interest in sharing our film, GETTING GRACE, with your community. That it continues to touch people's hearts and minds is such a blessing for not only myself but the team of artists who made the film with me!
Since our film's theatrical release in March of 2018 and its ongoing distribution we have realized that it's message of living life to the fullest has been universally embraced by nearly all who watch it. The film's Rotten Tomato score stands at about 96% positive - proof that the film strikes a tangible chord with audiences.
Through the countless "talk backs" I have had with audiences throughout the film's release, I have also realized that Getting Grace IS the perfect conversation starter for all in the funeral business.  
Bill Jankowski, our fictional funeral director, is a hard-working professional mortician, whose life is upended by a dynamic young lady who just happens to be dying. Together they take our audience on a journey fueled by both laughter and tears. Through all of that, the funeral director proves to be a man of great character and his personal journey leads him out of a 30-year malaise and to an understanding that every day must be lived like it's your first!
“Why did I choose this subject matter as my first movie?” I am often asked. The answer is quite simple. There was a time in my life that I thought I would be a funeral director. In fact, in my first high school career counselor paper, I wrote about becoming a funeral director. Although I had the "acting bug", it never occurred to me, at that age, that God's plan for me- a long and blessed career in show business- was possible. Well, I did, ultimately, follow my heart and God's wish but I would say becoming a professional Funeral Director was my second dream.
Now, through Getting Grace, I have sort of made that dream come true. Most especially, I am grateful to have been able to shine a very positive light on the profession, and, in turn, on many of those who serve our community at the end stages of life. Hospitals and Hospices are also portrayed in the film in a realistic way, and in that same positive light.
So much of this film's voyage has presented me with a great deal for which I am thankful. However, it's this phase, the part where we utilize the film's potential to enlighten the world to the great and important work provided by the funeral profession, that has me most excited.
I look forward to intertwining our journey, and your own, through GETTING GRACE and in so doing, sharing its positive message onward.
Daniel Roebuck


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A Note from Writer/Director/Star, Daniel Roebuck

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