You would be hard pressed to find a a more likeable
protagonist in any film. GRACE, our title character is funny, sarcastic, empathetic, riveting and, unfortunately, she is going to die.


Nothing, however, in this amazing story is what you would think or expect. Getting Grace will deliver the core ingredient that ensures audience interest, SURPRISE!

Although Grace’s time is short, her positive impact on the
world around her is monumental. Our story, as it initially
appears, is about a young girl who knows that she is dying; Grace goes into a funeral home to learn about death and ends up teaching the disenfranchised funeral director, BILL, about life.


We soon learn that while trying to “hedge the bet” about her afterlife possibilities she is also trying her best to prepare her mother, VENUS, for her own LIFE AFTER her only child passes away.


Venus, we learn, is not dealing with the sad imminent truth well and is reverting to her old ways of drinking and “drugging.”


Simultaneously, Grace humorously hijacks an ironically named “Coping with Life” class, offered by her hospital for children dealing with their own fatal diseases, and moves it to the funeral home. Not only does she do her best to “unch” the adults in her life to live that life to the fullest, she has the same effect on her peers. And she discovers love, herself.


Grace is also desperately searching for someone to take care of her mother. Will it be Bill, REVEREND OSBURN (the hospital's chaplin) or RON, the charismatic and successful author of a book about the afterlife.


Once those around her actually “GET” Grace (meaning they, finally, understand her) each and everyone of them is able to transition to their own new life. It is an extraordinary story with a lead character who is able to effect a chain of positive events in the lives of all she come in contact with, be they doctors or morticians.


This film would have an excellent chance to make a difference, not only to those who have suffered through such a horrible event, but it will remind all who see it that LIFE NEED NOT BE LIVED LONG TO BE LIVED FULLY!

© 2020  Getting Grace The Movie