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Of course we understand that being on screen in GETTING GRACE would be a primary objective for many people. We are using professional and experienced actors for our main cast (it is not a large cast of speaking characters) but are very excited to also include new DISCOVERIES, as well.



We are excited to say that we have found most of our local cast but are still looking for these few roles.


We will also accept self- taped auditions. They can be sent directly by clicking here.

Or email us at:


A note about casting from Daniel Roebuck


Hello and thank you for your interest in our project. As an actor myself, I am extremely sensitive (as is my team) that we respect the time and talent of all actors. To that end, I want to remind that submitting for a role does not guarantee anyone an audition. I have been living with the script for many years and have some very specific ideas about these roles. Just like happens to me often in my own daily life as an actor, you might get "typed" out. 


The good news is that I hope GETTING GRACE is only the first in a long line of movies that we bring to the Lehigh Valley so, rest assured, there will be other opportunities in the future.


Lastly, we encourage actors of any race to submit for all of the roles. It's a beautiful and colorful world out there and we would love for GETTING GRACE to reflect that, as best we can.


With Gratitude,

Danny Roebuck

BOBBY (Age 9-10)

Also sick, Bobby shares the Embrace Life class with Grace. He's a cute boy with a happy outlook, despite his situation.

VINCENT (Age 10-12)

Yet another sick child in the Embrace Life class. He's 12 going on 40. Vincent is a logical child suffering from an illogical disease.He always a good spirit.


WENDY (Age 25-40)

African American Receptionist at the oncologist office. Thanks to Grace's machinations she becomes the love interest of the doctor she works for (Bret Anthony). Easy going and full of life.


Background actors are a KEY COMPONENT in the reality that we are looking to create with GETTING GRACE.


We will need older actors and younger actors.


More specifically there will be an extra call for ARTISTS who show at ART SHOWS.


Also, extras who own VINTAGE 1980 cars.


If you are interested in appearing in GETTING GRACE as an extra

Or email us at:
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